Apple Mangoe


December – March
Eastern & central Kenya

November – February
May – August
Coast Kenya

Apple mango

Apple mango also scientifically known as Mangifera indica is a variety that originated from the Kenyan
coast. The fruit has a nearly round shape and with deep yellow/orange color. The fruit has length of 10cm
by 11cm wide and weighs between 275-585g. In good soil and appropriate environment, the apple mango
tree is voluminous. Harvesting is between Dec–March in Eastern and Central Kenya and Nov–Feb as well
as May–Aug at the coast.

Ngowe mango

Ngowe mango tree is believed to have originated from Zanzibar and crossed over to Kenyan coast at
around 1897. It does well in low altitudes though of late it has spread to even medium altitude zones. It has
a large, rhombus and slender shape with a hook-like beak at the apex. Before maturity, the fruit is green
and turns to delicious yellow to orange color when ripe. The fruit is 14cm long and 9.5cm wide with an
average weight if 520g. Harvesting starts in November and goes on till March.

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